by MC C.B.



Prod By TSW


L.O.V.E and what it does to me,
L.O.V.E and these generic love songs girl you know that they're wrong!

Verse one.

I admit I'm far from perfect, but damn I really messed up
Shit I broke your heart girl and didn’t clean my mess up
I know you love my wordplay and every song that I sing
This D you get is not Shay, when it comes to love I don’t play
But what IF I switched my style up?
What if I let it go?! What if I got out of shadows ? and what if I let you know
That there is nothing I want do to make you just smile
you tell me all the time that I’m to much like a child…
but if I remember rightly that’s made you kiss me
If I remember truthfully that’s what made you love me
so now you want me to change see, none of this makes sense,
but If I have to change Ill change and just repent

Chorus x2


Listen I need you and I swear I’m not kidding without you in my life my world will stop spinning x2

Verse 2

Stories that you wish that I could change, Me to.
The Past that I can't do shit about but you
can choose to ignore where I came from in favor of where I’m gonna go.
yes me you and this labor of love
I put forth this love that I feel.
Every last drop of these tears are so real
When I was 21 All i wanted to do was just have fun!
But trust me when I say those days are simply done because!




released 10 December 2014



all rights reserved


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MC C.B. New York, New York

I started writing music to the blips and boops of my Sega Master system. I started writing poetry before i could properly write words. Art has always defined and help guide me.

Creating music is creating memories, Its grabbing a moment in time and being able to revisit that very same moment time and time again. Its audible freedom.

Join me as I attempt to change the world.
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